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How We Feel About Geese

Geese are a mixed blessing to us. We enjoy seeing geese fly in their “V” formation, honking away, and are amazed at the thousands of miles many geese migrate every year. We are appreciative that they mate for life and jealously guard their young. We benefit from their grazing in our winter wheat fields, since they encourage the wheat to send out many grain shoots, and they provide the wheat seedlings with natural fertilizer.

On the other hand, the thousands of Canadian and snow geese (and duck, and swans) which feed in our wild rice ponds eat tons of wild rice every winter. Ouch! Thank goodness that Ducks Unlimited and the California Waterfowl Association members have enjoyed hunting around the ponds in the fall.

We know that many people consider Canadian geese to be pests when they stay in parks and golf courses, and that they are difficult to move out. We see the damage they do, and are sympathetic.

Perhaps we can agree that the goose served for a holiday feast along with wild rice is a favorite. Delicious.

We all love the bashful goose on our packages.

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