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George Denny, President

George bought Goose Valley Ranch for his family in 1986. He has been responsible for strategy, financing, banking relations, and overall management. He founded Goose Valley Natural Foods in 2009 to serve the specialty rice market.

Barbara Mattaliano, Managing Director

Barbara has been working with the Denny family since 1996 and Goose Valley Natural Foods from its inception.  She is a passionate foodie, R&D chef, and creator of our wild rice recipes. Barbara is responsible for Goose Valley’s marketing & sales strategy.

Frances F. Denny, Staff Photographer
All photographs by Frances F. Denny

GOOSE VALLEY FARMING (wild rice production)

Ted deBraga,  Partner Goose Valley Farming LLC
Ted has worked at Goose Valley since 1988.  He is responsible for growing the wild rice and other crops and is a partner with George in Goose Valley Farming.  Formerly President of the California Wild Rice Advisory Board, Ted is currently an Executive Board Member of the International Wild Rice Association. Ted was named Nevada Farmer of the Year in 1986.

Vickie deBraga, Bookkeeper
Vickie is the bookkeeper for Goose Valley Farming and is an avid and talented landscaper of the ranch. She is married to Ted, and started working for Goose Valley in 1988.

Roberto Villarruel, Foreman
Roberto was working at the ranch in 1986 when the Denny family arrived.  He is the ranch foreman, and the employee with the longest tenure.

Jack Marwick, Head Mechanic

Jack started his career at Goose Valley in 1990 and is now the Head Mechanic for Goose Valley Farming.

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