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We are constantly trying to improve the quality of Goose Valley’s soil, water, and air for future generations.

We use the minimum amount of external inputs in our farming practices. When there is normal snowfall in the winter, the ranch’s small hydro plant on Goose Creek produces more electricity than we use in operations – we are net generators of electricity.

We use animals, not herbicide or mowers, to control the weeds on the banks of the wild rice ponds. Goats, sheep, and cattle get plenty to eat and stay happy providing our natural weed control.

Our wild rice uses a minimal amount of conventional fertilizer, and all our wild rice stubble is disced back into the dirt (not burned) to keep high levels of organic matter in the soil. Our rice ponds are periodically converted into pasture to keep the soil healthy.

We have found that barley straw is effective in controlling the moss in our irrigation system – so we prefer it for moss control.

By utilizing very large tractors and harvesters we minimize the fuel used per pound of wild rice produced.  To offset the carbon generated by diesel fuel, we planted 22,000 Ponderosa Pine seedlings to breathe in the carbon dioxide generated from farm equipment and to exhale it as oxygen.

We use innovative eco-responsible pre-printed film for our packaging. State-of-the-art equipment eliminates waste in the printing process and utilizes environmentally friendly water based inks and adhesives to conserve resources.

We look forward to continued improvement in the sustainability of Goose Valley Farming.
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