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About Goose Valley

Only Goose Valley Wild Rice comes from just one location - Goose Valley.  Other wild rice brands are blended from the output of many growers and locations.  We are the largest grower of Organic Wild Rice. 

We are not just concerned about quality at the ranch.  We share ownership of the most modern wild rice mill in the industry, certified for organic production. No other wild rice is grown by a family in one location, milled by them, and packaged in an organic certified facility.

Family-owned Goose Valley Ranch is nestled high in the Cascade Mountains, south of Mt. Shasta, in the evening shadows of Hatchet Mountain.  Goose Valley is still a wild place – we share Goose Valley with geese and duck, eagles and hawks, elk and deer, coyote, mountain lion, and bear.  Since the 1980's the wildlife has grown along with our wild rice production.  We started with a few acres, but demand caused us to expand production until we became the leading grower of certified organic and natural wild rice in America.  Goose Valley’s red volcanic soil helps give Goose Valley Wild Rice its nutty flavor.  Most agree that the pure water from spring snow melt is also critical.  The summer’s hot days and chilly nights, and the winter’s freezing snow are ideal for growing wild rice.

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