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Chicken & Wild Rice Quesadillas

Craving Tex Mex but not the calories? Try our figure friendly recipe made with multigrain tortillas and reduced fat sour cream. We like to use a grill press while cooking the tortillas to seal them together, but placing a heavy pan on top of the tortillas as they cook to press them works just as well.


Goat Cheese & Peach Wild Rice Shells

Quick and easy to make, your family and friends will enjoy this savory and sweet hors d'oeuvre. We use ready to fill shells that can be found in the freezer section. We like to bake the shells before filling to add crispiness. 


Scallion & Wild Rice Tartlets

These sour cream and onion bites are fun for a dinner party, for lunch, or as a snack. Serve with our family “secret sauce” of sour cream and soy sauce.  


Wild Rice Arancini Bites

These delicious Italian rice balls are made with cooked wild rice, ground meat, Fontina cheese, and peas. May be served as an appetizer, for a cocktail party, or as a snack. Serve with a bowl of marinara for dipping. 


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