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Solar Panels


We are constantly trying to improve the quality of Goose Valley’s soil, water, and air for future generations. We use the minimum amount of external inputs in our farming practices and invested in two solar power generating facilities. When there is normal snowfall in the winter, the ranch’s solar facility and small hydro plant on Goose Creek produce more electricity than we use in operations – we are net generators of electricity. We use barley straw instead of herbicide to control moss and algae in our irrigation system. We will continue to improve our practices as new innovations become available.

Carnaroli Rice For Sale Online

Family-owned Goose Valley Ranch is nestled high in California’s Cascade Mountains, south of Mt. Shasta. Our wild rice seed sprouts in ponds created by spring snow melt. We use only the plumpest Grade A Black Jumbo Wild Rice for our Goose Valley brand.

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